I am fascinated by the fundamental need that we all have to make connections with one another. My work explores the complexity of the resulting relationships and the connections that we create. My 'Connections' series aims to make tangible these relationships between individuals. Two sculptural forms interact and converse with each other, one being bone china, the other glass. Simple, solid glass forms convey the power of these relationships. Bone china forms convey the fragile and complex nature of these connections. The work intends to strip away the complexity to something simple in form and subtle in combination.

In 'Longing' - a fragile, complex, bone china egg is enveloped by a simple, solid glass form. It expresses the maternal connection; the longing that stems from the regret when time grows short and also the anticipation of one yet to be born.

In 'Affinity', 'Embrace' and 'Separation' two pieces echo each other in form. The simplicity of line of the solid, cast blue glass is suggestive of the masculine. The white, delicate, wheel cut bone china suggests the feminine. In Affinity the pieces are intimate, yet separate, in space. A closeness developing which hints at the possibility of more. One piece envelopes another in Embrace. A harmonious union is expressed in the marriage of both forms and materials. In Separation a fragment of fractured bone china pulls away from, yet clings to, a solid glass piece. Something that was once harmonious comes to an end.

'Connections' seeks to allow the viewer a stillness and calmness to contemplate ideas which are profound in their meaning and impact.

Bone China and glass are distinct and unique materials which have raw ingredients in common. They have elements of common experience in sculpture, and in the kiln, on their journey to the finished form. These common elements resonate with the idea that as human beings, we too share certain building blocks, although in the end, our individual journeys make us unique.

At the heart of my practice is a long held interest in the exploration of technique, combined with a desire to push the material on beyond what has previously been possible. I am very interested in the tacit knowledge that is acquired through the process of making. Technique and concept have equal importance in the development of my work and my ideas typically evolve and crystallise as I explore and refine my technique.